Friday, April 17, 2015

Lazy days in Ensenada

Maitreya and her captain and crew are enjoying lazy days in Ensenada. The trip down was uneventful and unfortunately no wind although we had a forecast of a nice breeze around 10 knots. We left the Police Dock a little after 5 am and motored for about 10 hours, catching a bit of kelp in the shallow waters around Enseneda before we reached Marina Coral. A big luxury yacht was speeding by us and on the AIS we noticed they got into the same marina, which made it a bit easier to find exactly where the entrance of the breakwater is. The Mexican Navy was patrolling as well but apparently we were of no interest to them.

The marina staff is as friendly as we remembered and the facilities including the pool are lovely as ever. Unfortunately the little white crew member is not allowed in the hotel area so we're taking turns enjoying the pool before our showers. The spa is being renovated and all live-aboards and cruisers are awaiting the time when it reopens so we can use their showers again. Life is hard....:-)

Piper is exploring the neighborhood happily and is making sure all folks around are greeted properly.

Last weekend, we had the good fortune to enjoy some of the best Baja Californian wines and great seafood, right in our back yard. Together with our new neighbors we enjoyed the 25 year anniversary Festival de las Conchas y Vino Nuevo. Great fun with great new friends!

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