Friday, March 20, 2015

Berkeley to San Diego

Long time no blogging.....we arrived at the Southwestern Yacht Club in San Diego last Friday March 13 at 5.13 am and all of us (Captain Jak, Admirals LaVonne and Corine and boat dog Piper) happy to be there. We celebrated our arrival and Jak's birthday with a well deserved glass of scotch before we woke up John, Priscilla and Bo for a great reunion at their house.

Quiet an adventurous trip with first good wind but choppy seas at frequent intervals bashing into the the beam (lots of bumps and bruises) and then no wind. The autopilot was not working so besides the fact that it was very special for us to have LaVonne who build Maitreya with Bill in the 70's on board, we were very happy to be able to share the continuous 2 hour watches of hand steering with her for the next 3 days. We got a little more very slow sailing in the last day.

Piper was a serious trooper and now officially Maitreya's boat dog. I can't say he liked it too much, got seasick a bit the first day or two, and was able to train his bladder and bowels to see who could win but then decided to do his business on the foredeck. He had a few nice Titanic moments where he needed to check out the smells under him at the bow, the one part we don't have any lifeline netting. On a positive note, snuggling up in one of the 3 available bunks was a nice feature (and I truly enjoyed sleeping with the little munchkin for one of the very rare moment in our lives).

Now it's back to fixing things that broke on Maitreya before we head further South. Just never a dull moment on a boat..... Surely nice to do that in the San Diego sun close to our dear friends up the hill!

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