Friday, August 1, 2014

//WL2K Elisibeth Anne Return Trip - Day 12

It has been a fairly slow trip so far. We are currently at 37.16N, 137.13W.

The first couple days were rough. We left Kauai a day after a minor tropical storm passed south of the islands. The seas were very confused and the boat bounced about, but mostly to the North.

We next had a few days of variable 8 to 15 knot winds. Again, it was moderatley slow progress to the North.

3 other boats had left near our departure. Galaxsea sailed for a day or two and then started to motor up the rumb line for the Gate. Rainbow, a cat, headed northeast and made good time across the chop. Lightspeed took our basic route, but gained more easting and also out ran us. We were talking to them on the SSB every night. Last night, the PacCup boats started hogging our appointed frequency.

Lightspeed did report a near collision with a capsize 30 foot powerboat. This was most likely tsunami debris.

The last few days have been very light winds. We have been motor sailing NE to try to pick up some southerly wind from a small Low. Those winds have started to arrive and we are sailin a broad reach NE at 5 knots. Wind still 6 to 9 knots, but should increase to 10-15 later.

We are going to stay along the 38N line for a while to ride the Low. There is still is some question about where the High will be in 5 or 6 days. It is currently starting to squeeze south, but may get joined by a new high from the north.

Currently 968 NM from Kauai, shouth we have sailed more than 1100. About 1400 to Brookings.

Listening to the Tom Tom Club.

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