Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Third Day

This was a very slow day with winds less than 10 knots. I motored for a couple hours to make a little headway and top up the batteries. Headed a little east to make up for my slow slide west while sailing.

Around 7pm, the winds picked up to 12 to 15 knots and I was able to make some progress during the night. Right now winds are still about 12. Getting near the Oregon-California border latitude.

Dissected the tiller pilot. There was a faint smell of electrical burning around the motor. Have to see if one can order these from Raymarine.

Currently about a 140 miles to the first possible turning point for SF. About 380 to SF as the crow flies, but I don't fly as well. Looks like the nasty weather in the area has abated somewhat.

Have not reached Scaramouche on the radio. Tuned into a couple of maritime nets. Heard people in the North Atlantic and Panama. Many good ole boys from the midwest and south tune in for the hell of it.

That is about it from here.

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