Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Second Day Out

Yesterday afternoon I sailed into an armada of thousands of jelly fish. They were the little guys with the sails. In the distance they looked like cheery blossoms on the ground.

The wind built to 27 knots at about 1600. Rapid fire 4 foot wind waves went under the aft quarter making it quite rolly. This went on until about 2 am.

We have had very light winds of 10 knots or so. Overcast skies again. The boat moving slower. Also getting pushed a bit west. Sailing deeper was beating the headsails in this light wind. I will be quite wide unless I jibe a couple times. Seem to be headed for the President Jackson Seamount which is 600 feet higher than the surrounding bottom. Rather miss that as I don't know what weird waves will pop up.

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