Saturday, June 7, 2014

PT to Neah Bay

The alarm went off at 4:30 Thursday. Both Corine and Piper were hiding under there covers. I got the impression they wanted me to walk to the boat.

Cleared out of Boat Haven a little before 6.  Picked up the ebb and started doing 7+ knots. After Port Angeles we accelerated again to almost 9 knots. 

Reached Neah Bay a little after 5pm. There was a moderate wind from the north by then which wanted to pin me to the dock. 

A little past Port Angeles,  I spotted Scaramouch on AIS. Peter is another racer from Vancouver. I was unable to raise him on VHF.   He was inshore from me and did not seem to have the same strong current as I had.

All had gone well. The tiller pilot quit a couple times in the last hour. Later I found a loose pin inside the Raymarine plug. Hoping super glue will keep it in, so I don't have to breakout the spare and deal with tiny OEM wires.

Tried yo post this Friday via SSB, but could not get a full successful session. 

Listening to Ry Cooder and watching the fog blow through. 

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