Saturday, June 28, 2014

Morning of the Start

Left the boat last night an retreated to room off site.  Friday night races were in full swing and Piper did not appreciate all the shotgun blasts.

The boat seems ready after all the repairs. There was still quite a bit of activity on some boats. 

Jim Quanci gave a briefing at the skippers meeting about escaping the bay during max flood. The fast way along the northern side involves an estimated 22 tacks. The slower way across near Chrissie Field and around South Tower was estimated at 11 tacks. Out in the middle a full 4 knots of current. 

Expecting 10 to 16 knots of wind in the Bay.  15 to 20 rising to 26 outside. Quite a bit of fog outside the Gate the last few days.  Hoping it will burn off, though I may be south of the shipping circle after sneaking behind Mile Rock. 

Thanks to everybody who has been supporting the effort and helping me get ready, especially Corine and Piper. 

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