Saturday, June 7, 2014

Friday Morning False Start

Friday morning  I rigged the monitor and staysail.  The wind was out of the SW which seemed odd.  I found coffee, but did not notice any wifi.  I tried for a while to get weather over the SSB, but failed. The Canadian VHF report did not add much detail. 

I cast off about 9. As I motored around the breakwater, I found Scaramouche anchored. Peter came on deck and said he was puzzled by the wind and thought it was worth checking on the internet in town.  Decided to tie up.

Later met Peter and checked the gribs. The wind looked like a local condition. The situation off Mendocino had not improved, still a gale with waves 15 feet and higher.  Peter had talked to Paul on Valis (headed for the Pac Cup).  They had had huge waves and 60 knot gusts. 

The trouble area goes from Cape Blanco to SF. There will be a break in the weather next Thursday and Friday. The question is when to leave to hit the window. The 30 knot winds go out to almost 130W.  I am planning on going out to 127W. The waves should be smaller and less confused. 

The wind off of Washington is only 10 to 15 from the NW.   It is now Saturday afternoon. I plan on leaving near high tide tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can go fast enough to hit the window. It may still be a wild reach into Point Reyes Friday night and Saturday. 

Corine and Piper came to visit yesterday and left this morning. Corine had talked to Kevin on Backbeat who was about ready to leave PT.  It sounded like he hoped to turn the corner Sunday or Monday.  There were west winds in the Strait, so he'll probably be motoring. 

Supposed to try the SSB with Peter at 2000. He left this morning for Crescent City, wanting to go down near the coast. 

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