Monday, June 9, 2014

First Day Out

I cleared the Cape Flattery buoy a little after 1000. There were big currents out there. I had to steer 60 to 70 off my bearing to make my safe waypoint.

Motored against a light west wind until 1630. About that time I had threaded through a line of commercial fisherman sitting on a bank. Had patchy fog all day. The tiller pilot packed up a bit past Flattery. The computer seems to be working, but the actuator won't actuate.

Raised all sails and took off the the south west on a beam reach. Maitreya was doing 6.5 to 7 knots in very relaxing conditions. This continued all night until wind fell a knot or two.

I tried to to raise Scaramouche at 2000. There was no contact on either frequency.

During the night there was moderate shipping traffic, but they were all over ten miles away.

This morning there was a bright sunrise and blue water. Blue water is a lot closer in here than down south.
Currently I am passing the outer Columbia River mark by about 30 miles. I am on my way to 43N, 127W. This is about even with Cape Blanco. About 160 miles to go to that mark.

Wondering how Kevin is doing. This would be pretty nice sailing for Backbeat.

Listening to David Lindley. He says that "everybody in the whole wide world gotta pay the man".

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