Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day Four

Very slow day. Wind rarely over 8 knots speed hardly over 4 knots.

1AM, a gorgeous full moon like daylight. Except slat, slat, slat - 1 knot of wind. The Monitor windvane standing straight up.

4AM, hear the water on the hull, were moving - 7 knots. Sound of the wind rising, rising. 16, 17, 18 knots. One thought is all it took, "Better think about reefing if this keeps up". Sound diminishes, wind down to 8 knots in 5 minutes. At least I didn't actually put the reef in.

That pattern has repeated about three times since then. Currently moving at 4.5 knots.

We are 35 miles from being even with Mendocino. I have been cheating east early looking for wind. It is 277 miles directly to SF.

Listening to Porcupine Tree. Depressed Wanker Rock.

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