Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nereida Rolled off of Cape Horn

Jean Socrates who is attempting a singlehanded circumnavigation has rolled off of Cape Horn.

From Bill KI4MMZ

KC2IOV Nereida Capt Jeanne
Knocked down (Turtle upside down)
Damage so far. 2249utc
55-59.68S 071-45.04W
drifting S @ 2K hove to.
boom broken,
Hard dodger smashed.(gone)
rope round prop.
Chaotic below decks.
Good news. Not injured
has stay sail, + headsail.
engine working.

Hopes weather will moderate in am and that rope cutter on prop works so
she can motor round cape Horn and into nearest port for repairs.
Will call on 14.300usdb if further please monitor, was only contact she
cd make.

Have passed updated position and info to RCC Chile and USCG
Evangalistas. Abodehornos Light houses and RCC Punta Arenas are trying
to make contact direct on radio.

I have traffic from RCC Chile and USCG for her. will need assistance at
net time 0300UTC though we had fair copy last night and this afternoon.
End of message

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