Sunday, October 10, 2010

Westsail 32 Optimizations

These photos show the Westsail 32, Velella, in the yard in Port Townsend for a refit. The owner is doing Dave King's modifications for streamlining the keel and rudder. Included in the changes are:
  1. Elimination of extra through hulls.
  2. Elimination of a Dyna-Plate.
  3. Remaining through hulls being ground flush with the hull.
  4. Fairing of the rudder hinges.
Captain King told me that he calculated as much as 2 square feet of protruding surface area on an average Westsail 32 hull. The elimination of these obstructions can add a knot of sailing speed. Captain King used some of the modifications to win the Pacific Cup and place second in the Single Handed Transpac (with a broken boom), on adjusted time. The under body of our Ingrid is very similar to the Westsail, so we will probably make similar modifications at the next haul out.

More information on the modifications can be found at the Westsail Owners's Association.

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