Thursday, July 8, 2010

SHTP - Rooting for the Guys

 Paul on Culebra after his finish.

There have been several finishes in the last couple of days. George came in on TAZ!! on Tuesday night and was greeted by a small city of relatives.  Dream Chaser came in on Wednesday morning. Pakele came in early this morning. Al Germain on Bandicoot is expected anytime now as I write.  Al has had a pretty good run after restarting a couple days behind the pack.

We are now rooting for Adam, AJ and Sam.  Sadly, it does not look like they will make the party on Friday.  They have been facing light winds.  Adam on Blue Moon has put up a great battle.  In addition to light winds, he only has 19 feet of waterline on his Folkboat.  We keep hoping for a strengthening in the Trades to carry them home.
Max on Solar Wind.

Check out the latest on Latitude 38.

Adam before the start.

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