Monday, June 21, 2010


180º SOUTH Trailer from Woodshed Films on Vimeo.

180 degrees SOUTH - Conquerors of the Useless is a great adventure movie that combines sailing in the South Pacific with climbing, surfing and conservation in Patagonia.  It interweaves the journeys of Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins in 1968 with Jeff Johnson and friends this decade.

Beyond great photography and adventure, the film focuses on the development woes of Chile and Patagonia.  The story of Conservacion Patagonia's founding by Doug Tompkins is told.  The film makers document  the beginning of Sin Represas, a grassroots fight against the damming of Patagonia's rivers.

The movie is now available on DVD and Netflix on demand.

Sin Represas Patagonia Without Dams from Woodshed Films on Vimeo.

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