Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thats Not An Oar, Mate

This is an oar....

Fifteen feet, twenty six pounds.  Steve Hutchinson built me this sculling oar for emergency steering.  It is made from two fourteen foot, vertical grain, Douglas Fir 2x4s that were epoxied together.  The blade is about two and a half feet of Yellow Cedar and Mahogany veneers laminated into a sandwich.

I am currently varnishing the oar before it goes in the water.  Once that is done ,I will post some pictures of it mounted.  I expect it to extend past the stern about eight feet and be submerged about two feet.

If the fleet is becalmed this year, I may mount it and start sculling.  Some people claim they can get a knot and a half even on a heavy boat like an Ingrid.

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