Sunday, April 11, 2010

SHTP Training - The Race Deck

I spent yesterday working on the race committee for the SSS Corinthian Single and Double handed race.  This was fun and I learned about all the work that the RC does. 

I spent most of my time raising and lowering division flags at the start.  These are synchronized with the starting gun and warning horns and allow each group of boats to double check their position in the starting grid.

The end of the race found me spotting sail numbers and blasting the horn for each legal finisher.  When many boats finish together it can become quite chaotic trying to record all of their sail numbers and times.

A little over sixty boats finished out of about 87 entries.  At the start there were gusts to 38 knots and many boats had to retire early.  A very large storm is bearing down on central California and the race got advanced notice of this.

Thanks to all the RC members who taught me how things work.  I will know a lot more when I start the Transpac in 70 days.

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