Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Whisker Pole

Several friends have been after me to get a whisker pole for my stay sail.  After talking to Synthia Petroka, a SHTP veteran, and Dave West, a Pacific Cup veteran and crack Mercury sailor, I was convinced.   The rumbline course from San Francisco is both much deeper and may have more variable winds than a westerly reach from San Diego or Mexico.  It also does not typically have the dogleg that is carved by the fully crewed Transpac that leaves Long Beach.

I got a Forespar pole at the boat show.  The yankee on the other side has too high of a clew for a pole.  If it proves unstable, I can run the sheet through a snatch block hung off a bail on the boom.

Synthia, who makes spinnaker nets, was describing very large wind shifts during the 2006 race.  This makes me leery of the asymmetrical spinnaker running in fluky conditions.  I will probably only use it in case of light winds while reaching away from the Bay.

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