Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prop Overhaul

I did the "2 year maintenance" on my Kiwi Prop on Sunday.  I also took the opportunity to switch to larger blades.  I am now at an 18.5 inch diameter which will probably match the 56 HP Yanmar much better. 

The disassembly was very easy. A pin is tapped out on each blade.  The pin is shown on the lower right of the bottom blade in the picture. The Marelon blade then slides off the stainless shaft. The pin rides in the grove seen at the top of the shaft.  After cleaning and greasing, the process is reversed.  This was much easier than a Max-Prop.  New blades cost only $300 and now I have a spare set.

The old blades were 16 inches.  We could do 7 knots on flat water, but struggled some in chop. It will be interesting to see the new results.

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