Wednesday, March 31, 2010

80 Days until 2010 Singlehanded TransPac

Time is ticking down and I am stuck in the yard.  Rain has returned to Berkeley this week and it makes for muddy, stick y sanding.  I have a little more sanding and will begin painting the bottom.  I need three or four good days of weather to finish.

On other fronts, I have changed the propeller and fixed a stuck through-hull.  Local shipwright, Steve Hutchinson is making a new pin for the tiller to rudder connection.  Jay Butler, the rigger, is inspecting my rig and making up a new set of stainless lifelines.

Rob Tryon, one of the race committee chairs visited the other day and was very supportive.

Soon I will be free from the yard and will begin choreographing the finer points of sail changes in a variety of Bay conditions.

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