Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is Me, Tomorrow

The picture above is from the Bitter End Blog.  It shows a group of students taking the "Rules of the Road" test for their captains license.  After two weeks in class in San Rafael, I will be taking 8 or 9 tests tomorrow for a 100 Ton Masters license.

The rules of the road test is the largest and maybe the hardest section.  You get about 60 questions out of a pool of several hundred and you have to get 90% right.  The questions cover things like:
  • How man blasts of the whistle do you give when you want to pass another boat in a narrow channel.  It is different for International and Inland waters.
  • What do the lights look like on a tug boat pushing a barge.  Also different for International, Inland and different again for the Mississippi River.
There are a couple hundred more questions in subjects like fire fighting, weather, federal regulations, lifeboats, navigation, sailing, aids to navigation, etc., etc.

This has all been made a little more interesting by a cracked tooth since a week ago Tuesday.  If you miss a class, you have to make up days or start over.   The dentist was kind enough to see me on Saturday, but did not want to pull it without an assistant.  So I have been taking some antibiotics and pain killers while I sit for 8 or 9 hours a day in class.

Well, I'll be heads down tomorrow after I traverse the lovely Richmond Bridge.

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Corine said...

Women in the class? Heard there were none in yours...but thankfully we know a very capable licensed woman captain close by :-)

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