Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Seven Cs

Some of us are old enough to remember Eight is Enough or With Six You Get Eggroll.  Here is the story of a family of seven on an Ingrid. An Ingrid is not a small boat, but being a double ender, it is not a big 38 footer either.  Where do you put 5 kids?  They seem to be small kids, but that won't last long.  One solution is the cocoon locker pictured above.

Check out the Seven Cs blog to follow their adventures and the interior refit work to fit all those Cs.

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Seven C's said...

How True! In every way :) They are not big kids now, but they grow so fast!
The Ingrid is pretty small for a 38' sailboat. But a good solid boat.
The little one loved to crawl in one locker and out the other locker as I was building them, saying, "Oh, my new little bed!" Of course, I could not let him sleep in them :)

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