Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jessica's progress

In light of some recent posts about our now officially, newly licensed male captain (some friends were hoping he would have less problems with the crew but in my mind he always was the one and only captain although I do like to speak up at times :-), here's an update on Jessica; she's already 1500 miles out and although she got off on a very rocky start before her trip as there was a collision with a tanker, she seems to have it all pulled off. Her description of the days, particularly how she handles sleeping single handled taking power naps, having three different systems for self steering, two alarm clocks and four different systems detecting other boats are a good read. I'm not a "pink" girl myself but is surely looks cutsie as Jack Nicholson would say :-)
However, please don't get any false impression about the amount of cosmetics on our boat as you see on one of her last pictures. A little spray shower, Costco baby wipes, lavender salt footbaths (I used baby shampoo as that still foams nicely in salt water) and the usual RoC moisturizer with lots of sunscreen.
On the other hand, Los Angeles Times just reported that Abby Sunderland has her boat. She is the sister of Zac who just completed his trip and was the youngest male single-handed circumnavigator for about 2 weeks. Personally I do have somewhat of an issue with these parents pushing their kids for southern Californian fame but who am I?

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