Sunday, September 27, 2009

Parachute Anchor Deployment

This bit of gear was found on Pachuca, an S&S 39. Robert Morales had sailed her to Port Townsend from Fremantle, Australia. The red rope leads back to the cockpit outside the toe rail. In bad weather, the skipper will heave to. A parachute drogue or para anchor and 300 feet of rode is shackled to the aft end of the rope. The anchor is next placed in the water and the rode fed out. Eventually, the rode tightens and begins to break away all of the small nylon attachments leaving the entire deployment in front of the boat. This is a really clever way to deploy a para anchor without needing to go onto the foredeck in bad conditions.

Robert said that he had to deploy an anchor once when the wind was over 40 knots, the seas were large and the boat was taking on some water. He said this worked brilliantly and would highly recommend it.

Robert plans to sail south down the Americas, round the horn and head home to Australia. You can follow his progress on his blog. We hope to see him when he comes to San Francisco.

Good luck to Pachuca.

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