Monday, August 31, 2009

Wave Glider Tours Pacific Coast

The Wave Glider is a small, semi-autonomous boat that can carry scientific instruments for long distances in the open ocean. The craft is mainly powered by the action of the waves that it is in. It also carries solar panels to energize the on-board sensors and a sattelite link. The satellite link is used for both control/command and to upload data from instruments.

The vehical can be used for a variety of purposes. So far it has been tasked with listening to whales and collecting ocean data. A Wave Glider was released in Monterey Bay last week with the purpose collecting meteorological and surface measurements to further the understanding of CO2 absorption by the ocean from the atmosphere. The Glider has made it north to Newport, Oregon.

The Wave Glider is built by Liquid Robotics, a small Palo Alto startup.

Here is a New York Times article. The following is an audio story from

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