Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Walk Around the Yard

Our slip is near the Berkeley Marine Center. This is a boatyard that attracts many wooden boats and assorted other do-it-yourself projects. The yard was recently written up in Practical Sailor. There is usually something interesting to see.

This is a San Francisco Bird Boat. The Birds are a local class that have been on the bay for about 87 years. The boat was designed by Fred Brewer, Sam Crocker, and John Alden.

This is a tough little Vertue, designed by Laurent Giles. Though only 25 feet, several have been sailed around the world. There is a famous sign that resides in the harbormaster's office in Durban, South Africa that states. "In winds over Force 7, no yacht may depart without my authority. Unless she's a Vertue."

This is Dutch, a longtime fixture in Oakland. Steve Hutchinson, a local master shipwright, is performing a loving restoration.

Dutch's doghouse has been removed and is serving as a model for new construction on deck.

This is Rapid Transit. She is newly built Antrim 49 design. Her launch will take place in the next month or two. Latitude 38 ran a feature on RT.

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