Monday, August 24, 2009

Fiona on Ice

Captain Eric Forsyth is attempting a transit of the Northwest Passage. The photo is of his Westsail 42, Fiona, temporarily on ice on the west coast of Greenland. According to SPOT, Fiona is still moving north along the Greenland coast.

It seems late in the season to turn west, so it is unclear what his intentions are at this point.

The story is also on crew, Russ Robert's blog Fiona Attempts Northwest Passage.

Global warming or not, the Northwest Passage is a fickle body of water. Ice shifts and closes constantly. It took Clound Nine several attempts over many years to make it. The Canadian Coast Guard usually can free a boat caught in the ice. As more boats attempt the passage, one wonders about the cost of rescuing adventurers.

This came to my attention via and Watts Up with That?

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