Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cruising Destination: Nick's Cove, Tomales Bay

Tomales Bay is an idyllic destination north of San Francisco. It is separated from the Pacific by the long arm of Point Reyes and is part of the National Seashore.

Nick's Cove is one of many interesting spots along the shallow bay. It is cozy, if not Disneyesque, mini resort comprised of a roadhouse restaurant and a few cabins. Nicks has been there since the 1930s. Recently, it was completely restored by San Francisco restaurateur Pat Kuleto. Kuleto owns famous restaurants such as Boulevard and Jardiniere. The roadhouse is pricey, but good.

Down the road or south on the bay, you will find oyster farms including Tomales Bay Oyster Company and Hog Island Oysters.

We recently visited by car, but can't wait to take the boat. The entrance to the bay can be tricky. As with most Northern California bays, there is a bar that you don't want to cross under marginal conditions. Visitors from the south tend to overnight at Drakes Bay and try an time the tide in the morning hours.

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