Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And Julia says.....

never to apologize for your food!
That's Julia Child indeed and that's exactly what I did (or at least attempted to do) last Sunday morning when I cooked up a fast pancake breakfast using some instant Whole Wheat and Honey only to be mixed with water (so handy, at least I thought, on a boat), a couple of bananas left in the galley and some nuts from the still huge pile of different varieties stored somewhere on Maitreya (a girl never wants to run out of baking goods!). OK, that did not come out so good but at least we still had Peet's coffee to wash it down with.
So, for any of you gals/guys out there, ready to go provisioning for any mid-to-long term cruising, just stick with plain old flour for general baking, Betty Crocker's Triple Berry muffin-mix or Bisquick for pancakes or some nice ready mixes like the Sticky-Fingers brand if you don't feel like getting the measuring spoons out of your drawers when the boat is healing too much. Julia will probably not approve of the quick fixes but she'll be more than happy to learn that the real cook in our little family has just ordered her Mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook to get totally ready for some nice home cooked dinners with a good glass of wine (and trust me, the Admiral is really happy with that!).

BTW, we did see the Julie/Julia movie and we can highly recommend it (good acting, cute story and surely a chick-flick!)

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