Friday, July 3, 2009

San Diego July 4th, um 3rd

It is still about 29 hours until the fireworks go up. Most every parking space in Shelter Island is now taken. Traffic control and the police are out in force. You have to have a permit to come and go tomorrow.

On the water, the La Playa anchorage is overflowing. Usually this spot has permits for about 25 boats, which makes it crowded. They have allowed more boats in as part of raft ups. A friend said he counted 40.

This is all leading up to the Big Bay Boom, which is supposed to be the largest fireworks show west of the Mississippi. There will be at least 4 separate launching platforms in the main bay channel from Shelter Island to the downtown waterfront.

The last few years, I have not been real big on excessive patriotism. I'm missing my quiet slip about now.

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Connie Roselander said...

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