Sunday, July 12, 2009

Point Loma

A week or so ago we visited the end of Point Loma that guards San Diego Bay. There are several monuments on the point including Cabrillo National Monument, The old Point Loma Lighthouse and Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. All of these spots have amazing views of the Pacific, San Diego Bay, Coronado Island and the Navy submarine base. There are live web cams here.

Cabrillo National Monument is dedicated to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who stopped here on the1542 Spainish voyage that ventured north of the San Francisco Bay. Unfortunately Cabrillo died on one of the Channel Islands heading north. There is a small museum and a theater that tells his story. The monument is dominated by a huge statue of Cabrillo.

The Old Point Loma Lighthouse was built in 1855, not long after statehood for California. It is well preserved old place.

Ft. Rosecrans is a beautiful military cemetery. It hold veterans of conflicts from the early California Republic and Mexican War (1846) up to the present. It has an interesting feature that many wives and even children are buried next to the veterans.

These are nice places to visit and you go on a week day is very peaceful. The day we were there we saw two submarines coming and going, which is apparently rare.

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