Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Bowsprit

Some readers say they want to hear more about what we are doing, rather than seeing links to other stuff on the Net. Much of the time, we are not doing anything of any interest. A lot of time goes to maintaining the boat.

Here is a project that has taken a couple months that were interrupted by travel, drying and curing time. The bowsprit had become a little ragged. My varnish had gone bad and the painted parts had not been touched for 4 or more years.

I stripped the hardware down as much as possible. The loose iron bits were re-galvanized, repainted and in one case powder coated. I replaced the most worn shackles.

The sprit itself went down to bare wood and got two coats of West epoxy, two coats of epoxy primer and two coats of enamel.

The anchor was in pretty good shape, but got a couple coats of cold galvanizing for good measure.

The sausage bag for the yankee was retired. The yankee now lives on a furler.

If you like watching epoxy dry, this is really interesting.

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