Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Night Sky, A Tutorial

You are out on the ocean on a clear, moonless night. The heavens are alive. The GPS tells you exactly where you are. The GPS will be there unless all of your backup units are hit by lightning or six or seven satellites simultaneously fall from the sky. Still, you wonder about what it was like in he old days, prior to the late '80s, when sailors navigated by the stars.

Perhaps you are like me, thinking you should learn more about the stars and even cellestial navigation. There are so many other things to fix on the boat that this always falls down the list. It is easier to buy another backup GPS. In my case, this has lead to ignorance of almost everything I see when I look up.

The Night Sky is a simple tutorial that will help you remove the first layer of scales from your eyes. It will teach you the main constellations tht are key to understanding the night skies. I is simple and fun. Check it out.

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