Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Book Recommendation: Rounding the Horn

Rounding the Horn: Being the Story of Williwaws and Windjammers, Drake, Darwin, Murdered Missionaries and Naked Natives--a Deck's-eye View of Cape Horn is a captivating book by Dallas Murphy. The author interleaves the story of his visit to Cape Horn on Skip Novak's Pelagic with those of the explorers and old salts that had confronted it in the past. Also included, are sections on the politics, biology, weather and anthropology. The book is very accessible to both sailors and lubbers.

One particular section I found interesting was the story of the windjammer British Isles' 1905 passage which took 71 days to round the horn west bound. I recently read Sterling Hayden's Voyage: A Novel of 1896. A major portion of the fictional voyage of Neptune's Car seems to be based directly on the tale of the British Isles.

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