Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Traditional Rigging and Metal Work in San Diego

In the modern cruising world dominated by fiberglass and stainless steel, it is getting harder to find stuff to d things the old way. I am stripping down the bowsprit of paint and gear. After 33 years things are a little rusty and paint sick. Some of the galvanized iron work is in need of a re-coat. After hunting a bit I found a few resources in San Diego.

The guys at Thomas Marine were very helpful in pointing me to American Rigging and R.W. Little. I appreciate a business that is helpful and would rather point you in the right direction than just take on unneeded work.

R.W. Little is a small business that specializes in sand blasting, sprayed zinc, powder coating and other metal refinishing treatments. Their prices seem reasonable and other work they have done looks great. They are going to refinish the cranze for the inner stay and some galvanized turnbuckles.

American Rigging is a pretty fascinating place. It is located very near the Navy shipyards at the south end of the city. They carry Crosby galvanized fittings among many other very large products. They provide rigging fittings, wire, chain, slings and synthetic ropes for commercial and military shipping. They were very happy to talk to me about some hundred dollar items,even though they spend most of their time on very large contracts.

San Diego has several West Marine stores, one of them is the largest in the world. They just don't know anything about galvanized gear unless it goes on an anchor.

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