Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sailors Make Better Lovers?

This is story of Dutch humor and bad journalism. Many sailing news outlets including The Log, Scuttlebutt,, and Yachting Monthly, have been republishing a press release from the Onzin Institute purporting to scientifically prove that sailors are more virile. The report includes quotes from Dr. Hijgen Krachtig. The article was written by Eerste Grasmaand.

Congratulations to my Dutch speaking partner and Sail World for figuring out that this was a hoax. If you translate, Onzin Institute means Nonsense Institute, the doctor is Dr. Heavy Breathing and the reporter is roughly April First.

To be fair, there is a joke tag on the Yacthpals and the picture accompanying the Yachting Month piece does not seem serious. The Yachtpals photo of Dr.
Krachtig looks like Senator Patrick Leahy. To be tough, how about some fact checking you parrots!

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Sailor Chick said...

I think you better do some fact checking yourself. wrote the joke article and the San Francisco Chronicle was the first one to figure it out:

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