Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rose of Sharon for Sale

Look who pulled in behind us at the Police Dock. Rose of Sharon is headed north after some successful racing in Puerto Vallarta.

The 79 year old Starling Burgess schooner is gorgeous. She is also now for sale. This is strong competition for David Crosby's Mayan which is double the price.

The brokerage posting outlines her illustrious racing career:
ROSE OF SHARON won the Mayor's trophy race in New York in 1971; was the elapsed time record holder in Ancient Mariner race from San Diego to Maui in 13 days; in 1980 she was the overall winner in a 500 boat class in the Ensenada race, she was 2nd in class in the 1983 Victoria B.C. Swiftsure race, and 2nd place in the 1930 Bermuda race. She has won or placed well in the recent Ancient Mariner and Schooner races as well.

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