Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New "Youngest" Circumnavigation Update

We have been occasionally following 2, and soon to be 3 young sailors on their attempts to become the youngest solo circumnavigator.

When we last caught up with Mike Perham, he was in Hobart. He is now in Auckland dealing with more mechanical difficulties as he heads eastbound. Next, he has another large piece of southern ocean to cover. Lets hope he can get his steering mechanism fixed soon.

Zac Sunderland has crossed the Atlantic and Caribbean, westbound. He reached Panama City a couple days ago and has started through the Canal. He has a jaunt up the west coast of central America to reach home in Marina Del Rey. It is unclear if he will be racing against the hurricane season or will hang back for a while.

Happy birthday to Jessica Watson,who turned 16 on Monday and was applying for a boating licence in Australia. Jessica is still preparing for a September departure.

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