Friday, May 1, 2009

Lee Chesneau's Transpac Weather Primer

Lee Chesneau has a passion for weather. He had a long career as a meteorologist for NOAA and the US Navy. The past few years he has been teaching commercial seamen, racers and cruisers how to understand weather forecasts.

I have taken two courses from him at Strictly Sail Pacific. The classes explain the basic dynamics that drive weather systems as well as how those forces are expressed in the NOAA weather products. This basic grounding in marine weather not only lets you look ahead a few days while on a passage, it gives you an understanding of why changes are occurring in data you see in GRIB files and bouy data.

Lee is about to give a Transpac Weather Symposium that focuses this information for this summer's race to Hawaii. Some of the slides for the symposium are pre-posted on his site. The slides are an interesting overview even if you cannot make it to the symposium. is a free and very concise site that organizes the Atlantic and Pacific NOAA Ocean products. Using this site you can get a quick picture of the 96 hours of weather in a minute or two.

Lee's longer workshops are also offered through the Seven Seas Crusing Association.

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your kind words!
If I can make a difference in the way mariners view marine weather, base on my own firm beliefs spanning years of experience, it is very worth my time and effort! I am encouraged to continue with comments such as yours.

"Fair Winds and following seas"
Lee Chesneau

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