Sunday, May 31, 2009

Follow Up To Thoughts on Anchoring

Craig Smith, presumably related to Peter, left a thoughtful comment on my Thoughts on Anchoring. It seems clear that Rocna makes a premium anchor. I did not mean to dispute that.

Some of us are just not ready to buy another anchor. In the mean time, we may be willing to make minor investments to increase our safety and sleep. We might be willing to do this no matter what anchor we have.

Again, how many anchoring mishaps occur because the maximum holding power of the anchor has been exceeded? I would guess that poor set must dominate as the cause of problems, especially where average weather is involved.

So I am back to the beginning of my quest. If poor or broken set is the problem, how to I improve set or reset without buying another anchor?

I have always understood increasing scope as increasing the amount of rode that is parallel to or on the bottom. The parallel pull is supposed to bury the anchor as opposed to breaking it loose. If an anchor is only partially set, the next big load can do one of three things:
  • Leave it partially set
  • Break it out
  • Fully set it
I cannot affect anchor design, weight or the bottom conditions at that point. I can only change the angle of pull. It just strikes me that kellets, heavy chain, etc. might be useful in this, at least prior to the limit of maximum holding power.

I am glad that Peter Smith posted his knowledge. It changed my thinking on the subject.

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