Saturday, May 30, 2009

Big Oceans Tiny Boat and a Small World

Last week when I was back home in the Berkeley Marina for a couple of days I noticed a very cute bright red boat berthed right on N-dock with lots of advertisements on the hull, surely in the cruising/crossing oceans mode.
Jolanda and Tod invited me over for another very nice dinner on Tiburonica and to my surprise and amusement Nick, the captain of Constellation and the guy Jak put a link on to our website a couple of months ago joined in the fun. What a very small (sailing) world indeed :-)

Nick has a great website where you can follow his trip along with pictures and the latest info. In person he is a fun guy, great storyteller and an amazingly adventurous Aussie! It turned out that his boat is fully upgraded after the Atlantic crossing mainly with new gadgets donated to him by several sponsors and folks who just love to follow the dream and live it along with him.
Maitreya and the crew will surely check back often as Nick and Constellation are scheduled to depart for Half Moon Bay this weekend and hopefully ready to cross the Pacific to Hawaii shortly thereafter.

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