Monday, April 20, 2009

Robin Knox-Johnston Day - April 22

A group of sailing bloggers led by Adam Turinas at Messing About in Sailboats have declared April 22 as Sir Robin Knox-Johnston Day. Sir Robin was the first man to ever sail solo, nonstop around the world. He won the famous Sunday Times Golden Globe race 40 years ago on April 22, 1969.

Sir Robin's vessel was Suhaili, a William Atkin's "Eric". The Eric is the little brother of our Ingrid and the prototype for the Kendall and Westsail 32s. Atkin drew up the Eric in 1923 as a derivation of Colin Archer's Norwegian Life Boats.

I would like to add my humble congratulations to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

Offshore sailing can be a tough thing today even though we have so many inventions that make it very easy and safe compared to 1969.

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