Saturday, April 18, 2009

Painting Weather

It is over 80F now here in Ensenada. We have hauled out for a bottom job and varnishing of the nether regions. We are at Baja Naval on the central Ensenada waterfront. It is strange being on land in the boat 15 feet above ground.

There is a very large Carnival Cruise ship, the Elation, in port a couple hundred yards away. Additional there is a Rosarito-Ensenada bicycle race and party here today. This all adds up to Gringo hunting season for the hawkers of trinkets. As you walk down the street, guys try to lure you into there restaurants. It is much nicer to be a few blocks out of Gringo Gulch where people act normal and the food is generally better.

1 comment:

Francis said...

Actually it's only a "large" ship.

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