Monday, April 6, 2009


I tried something new today. Cuitlacoche was in a can near the jalapenos at the local store in Ensenada. The can contained contained Cuitlacoche, jalapenos and green onions. It came out of the can very dark like squid ink. It had a mild, nice flavor and was not spicy at all.

After finishing the can, I googled it. It turns out that it is Ustilago maydis or corn smut, a rather ugly fungus that grows on ears of corn. I had not heard of the smut since Ag school.

The James Beard Foundation calls Cuitlacoche Mexican Truffle and has held special dinners with the fungus as the centerpiece. It is also known as Huitlacoche and is used as a filling in tamales and tacos.

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Unknown said...

In La Paz at the cute little ice cream store on the main oceanfront drag, you can get corn smut ice cream. I've never been brave enough, opting for Gringo favorites such as Kahlua or coconut instead! :-)

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