Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bowsprit Details

A member of the Ingrid 38 Group has been working hard on finishing an Ingrid for the last couple of years. He posted interest in bowsprit designs for the Ingrid. This is a cleaned up version of the reply I posted to the group.

Maitreya's sprit is made of a 5 x 6 inch piece of clear,
straight grained fir. It is about 120 inches long. It overlaps the
deck about 55 inches and extends before the deck about 65 inches.
Before the deck it, gradually tapers to about a 3 or 4 inch diameter.
The aft end is through bolted to the bits which penetrates the deck
and are bolted to the hull/stem.

I have seen much longer sprits on a couple of Ingrids/Colin Archers.
Bristol Pilot Cutters go even further. These allow much larger
yankees. The staysail can also be enlarged if the stay is moved
outboard. Our modest yankee adds about a knot of speed in low 5 knot
winds. Caution may be warranted on a larger fore triangle as it may
unbalance the rig and make self steering difficult to adjust.

The paint and brightwork in the photo gallery are quite beat at the moment after a couple thousand miles offshore.

A few notes:
  • The black painted hardware is galvanized steel and probably all came from the Davey and Co. catalog in England. They still make all this stuff. I ordered a replacement wildcat for the windless last year.
  • Bronze fittings were cast by the builder. The only pattern that I have is the tiller to rudder fitting. Larry Pardey has donated his patterns to the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center in Sausalito. They have good photos of the patterns which are similar to many of my fittings and might help with dimensions.
  • The bobstay is served and painted. There is a sacrificial tang that connects he bobstay to the stem. Brion Toss and others have said this is an important detail. First, the part that is wet most of the time is a simple, strong piece. Second, the most common area of damage is there, at the waterline. Third, a replacement can be made by most anybody anywhere in stainless or mild steel with simple tools. It is possible that wire, splicing and/or swaging might not be available in many anchorages. Members of Brion's Spar Talk Forum were quite negative on using chain for the stays.
  • Above water standing rigging is all 7/16 1x19 stainless wire. The shackles are Suncor and/or Wichard stainless.
  • The pulpit is 1 1/8 inch stainless custom made. A couple of the welds are cracking after 33 years of plunging.
  • The pendants are over sized, high modulus, 12 strand dyneema which is easy to splice and tougher than hell.
  • You might want to move the anchor roller inboard if you can find a way. A 75 pound anchor that far out is a lot of weight. I use a bridle with a chain grabber when anchored.

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