Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bear Market Luxury

The economy and drug wars have lowered the price of luxury at Marina Coral in Ensenada. At $10.40 a foot for monthly berthing, the cost is about the same as Berkeley and half of Shelter Island in San Diego.

The weather is warmer than Berkeley and the fees include use of the hotel's three pools, three jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms, weight room, and other niceties.

It is generally clean and quiet here. Last Saturday evening, a local wedding was held on the terrace above the marina and Mexican folk and ballad music floated across the anchorage.

Many Saturdays and Sundays, some local ladies bring homemade tacos, empanadas, and tamales to the head of the docks. They are really wonderful and at $.80 a piece quite a bargain.

The harbormaster, Feto, and his staff have been very welcoming and helpful.

Diesel is about $2/gallon.

Sea Magazine has a number of small articles about Coral and the surrounding areas.

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