Saturday, March 14, 2009

Whale Attracting Too Much Attention

The last three days we have had a gray whale visiting San Diego Bay. We have not seen the whale ourselves, but a lot of other people have. Wednesday afternoon, the sky was full of news helicopters over Shelter Island.

The Coast Guard got a report that a boat hit the whale Friday afternoon. They dispatched a vessel that cold not find damage on the reporting boat. The whale appeared fine as well when it surfaced several times. The Coast Guard report is here.

The public interest in whale watching is very high. Tours have become a big business in San Diego and along the rest of the Pacific coast from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas. The San Diego Union Tribune ran a story on the industry about a year ago.

Gray whales spawned in San Diego Bay before it was commercialized. There have even been fossils found of extinct gray whale species in the bay.

Update: There is video of the whale in this Union Tribune story.

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