Friday, March 6, 2009

USS Sampson

We went out for a test sail today. It was really nice out with about 14 knots of wind. We were headed in. Maitreya was reaching up the San Diego harbor channel at about 6 and a half knots.

Looking over my shoulder, I saw a Navy RIB overtaking us followed by a large gray shadow. The RIB pulled up abeam with the nice young kids smiling. "Say", the sailor started, "Do you think you could move out of the channel a little?". Sure, especially since the shadow was coming up at about 30 knots.

The big white numbers on the bow were 102. That means it was the USS Sampson, a guided missile destroyer. Not only does driving rule number 1 apply, Coast Guard Rule 9 is in force in San Diego Harbor. This means in a narrow channel ships, with guns or not, have the right away. Rule 1 maybe more important - The big guy always wins.

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