Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Trip Recap: Departure

We left San Diego around noon on Monday March 16. We had planned to leave on Sunday, but suffered a computer failure right before casting off.

When I switched from shore power to DC, the computer would not reboot. There was probably some sort of short on the motherboard. After a couple of hours work with no luck I hopped on the bike and pedaled to Target. They had a pretty good deal on an Asus Eee PC. This is a very small netbook/laptop that ran our radio and navigation software just fine and did not use much power.

It was back to the boat to reinstall a bunch of stuff. At this point, I made some errors. I did not get the weather fax installed correctly. I also forgot to transfer the proper email address for posting to the blog over the radio.

Monday morning, I thought we were fully functional so we sailed out of San Diego Bay.

We started to use the Aries windvane to steer. This worked wonderfully on the reach out north of the Coronados Islands. Most sailors name their windvane at some point since it is such an important member of the crew. We decided to name ours Scout, after a great dog we know that always knows the directions to the best playsites and where treats may be had from the locals.

Speaking of treats, we got a couple of wonderful treat bags from our friends Priscilla and John. We were under strict instructions not open the bags until we were offshore. The captain had to restrain the admiral several times to enforce this rule. We were not past the Coronados when the admiral finally prevailed. They were great treats that brightened a lot of watches past midnight.

to be continued....

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