Monday, March 30, 2009

Hola, Ensenada

We arrived in Ensenada on Saturday after about 13 days and 1100 miles. We are staying at the Coral Hotel and Marina a few miles north of Ensenada. We will probably be here a month or a bit more.

It is very nice here and extremely quiet. Sadly, between the economy and reports of the drug war in Baja, there are very few people here. The violence has been very bad between the Mexican drug traffickers, but it has not affected average people or tourists directly. The press and the state department has made it sound very dangerous. The murder rate is actully lower than many US cities such as New Orleans. There is even a small detachment of the Mexican Army living in a cave dug out along the breakwater.

Cruisers we have met so far here have been very helpful. There is a morning network on VHF 21a at 8am including a very detailed weather report by a local American expat who is is a retired airline pilot. Crusers may want to check out a fairly new website set up by the crew from S/V Rendezvous.

We have a batch of stories about our trip that I will write up in the coming days.

Thanks to everyone for their interest and concerns during our passage.

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