Friday, March 6, 2009

Hedgehog in the Rigging?

No, its not a hedgehog, its a baggywrinkle. We have been experiencing chafe in one of the usual spots, between the mainsail lower batten and the aft shroud.

I turned again to Hervey Garrett Smith's The Arts of the Sailor for instructions on the traditional way to solve this. I found some old fashioned manila rope at Orchard Supply Hardware. Next I chopped the rope up into 6 inch lengths. These pieces were unlayed to small groups of yarns. Yarns are hitched over marline or waxed sail thread for a couple of feet. Finally, up the mast to seize the hole hairball to the shrouds.

We had previously ordered some baggys from a vendor in Attitudes and Latitudes. When they arrived they looked like they were made of white shag carpet left over from somebody's bathroom in the '70s.

We shall see if I made enough when we get under way again.

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